Hello mistakes, see you later certainty

This week was all about the fear of making mistakes; of failing, not others but myself. Fear of not doing what I think I should; of over thinking my “shoulds”. Nothing new, but it is getting old and I can’t keep drowning in my thoughts: “Just be, without plans, no structure” sounded too easy and enjoyable when my friend said it, but not when my mind tried to grasp it. But yes, I will follow her advice {slowly, at my own pace} welcoming mistakes, ignoring my filled-with-ideas-and-thoughts mind and questioning certainty {or security, or comfort zone, or even the status quo}.

The truth is: we all make mistakes and there’s not much we can do to stop it. Making mistakes allows us to explore and learn; even when we are crying and screaming due to our biggest fails. We will discover that what we thought was our dream job, was just a stepping stone to keep climbing and reach our truest calling. We will also realize that we have some hidden {and valuable} skills that we never thought {or believed} we have, and so on.

Although mistakes are some hidden gems that we can utilize to build up our life; they could be useless while living their consequences. Their usefulness will come later, when calm arrives.

So, hello mistakes! I’m ready to learn my lessons and face growth, but please, don’t be too hard on me. I will use my intuition {after a careful tune up} and make sure my intellect is buckled and powerless.


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