No more diapers in this house…yeah right!

This article is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark but the content and opinions expressed here are real and my own. 

Ready to become a big boy and start a new diaper-free life!

Sometimes I still have nightmares, and if I look back, I can honestly say it was one of the most frustrating stages of motherhood. Frustration is a nice way to put it, you may say.  I have a couple of words that would describe it more accurately, but frustration sounds proper, professional and nice. Last year I thought we were ready to be a diaper-free family, but destiny had something different in mind, so today we are still going to our local Walmart Neighborhood Market a couple of times a month to get our Huggies Diapers supply for our little and big boy {yes he still uses diapers at night}.

Since Max is at school, Enzo is my shopping partner!

I was 4 months pregnant and my hormones were out of whack. I know it sounds crazy but it seemed like the perfect time to star potty training my 2 year old. Not just diaper-free days but also nights.  I read one of those “smooth and easy three days to potty trained child” books.  It sounded easy enough so I decided to embark on the boat. To me, diaper-free meant no diapers at home, at all, nothing, nada.  I was excited and looking forward to my new adventure.

It was the weekend of 4th of July, no fireworks or barbecues for this family, no friends and definitely no fun. Our weekend celebration was all about running to the restroom {praying to get there on time} and cleaning the floor, the sofa, washing and changing sheets and cloths, and chasing Max to ask him every 10 minutes if he wanted to go to the bathroom to pipi or poo poo.

We were sure we were ready! We had spider man underwear, treats, stickers and a bassinet that sings. We followed every step, accidents happen, even after the three days. Going out to malls was an epic adventure and long trips were impossible. And little did we know things were not going to be as we planned. Diapers make a red-carpet return to our home after a couple sleepless nights and fights over whose turn it was to get up, change sheets, change PJ’s and get the kid back to sleep.

This time we went to our Walmart Neighborhood Market as a family in order to choose the best option for this stage. We wanted our child diaper-free most of the time, but we also needed peace of mind during key times like naps, road trips and nights. It was my child’s turn.  I wanted him to choose something he would feel comfortable wearing, he understood that diapers are for babies so he didn’t want to get back into regular diapers. After a careful search in the “Baby” section at our local Walmart, he was able to spot Lighting McQueen on one of the Huggies Diapers boxes and the choice was made. Voila! Pull-Ups for day and night it is!

Perfect outfit!

Peace and happiness was restored in our home and most importantly, we were able to sleep through the night. Our little guy was feeling confident, no more tantrums and clothing changes after each nap, at night or on road trips. A year later, we were able to stop using pull-ups for naps but to be totally honest, I still use them on nights.  I don’t think we are ready to leave them yet {not me for sure}. We are still in need of that peace of mind, especially now that we haven’t been able to have a decent night sleep for 9 months.

So, here are my tips for when you decide to go diaper-free:

– Trust your baby, he will for sure give you signs that he is ready to stop using diapers. Don’t rush, they will not use them forever.

– Be strong enough to keep your decision to be diaper-free, but smart enough to know a little help during key moments will bring peace and support for the entire family {for me and him, Huggies Pull-ups and Wipes were a huge support}.

– Don’t forget, never, ever, to pack extra clothes, extra underwear, Huggies Wipes {I love the Natural Care, they are soft but strong enough} and a couple of Pull-Ups.

– Breath. Breath again. This too shall pass.

Since I know you will need to get extra supplies here is a coupon for Huggies Wipes and Pull-Ups, enjoy!

Who needs wallet and makeup anyway!

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